Chevrolet Evanda tips

For three years of operation and a run of 100,000 some complaints, one warranty case for the failure of the head. more 23.08.2014 Having bought a car with a mileage of 150.5 thousand km. For two years remembering the front stabilizer bushings three times (15 UAH – 1 pc), the rear ones twice. The finish of the car is very high quality. more Plenty of space both front and back. and trunk b. more 13.02.2008 Car class! For its [...]


BRP Ski-Doo Guides

Taken from the calculation: price-quality. The capacity of the snowmobile with an extra seat is 3 people. The two-stroke engine rips from a standstill perfectly, the goose is wide, which is very convenient when driving in deep snow. Appearance worthy for 2007, for the entire period of operation in the service was once, and then very pleased with the service. Of course, it is better to buy clothes for a snowmobile, it is more convenient than ten jackets and [...]